There’s much to do and to think about in this world, and there’s only so much time in a day—or even in a decade—to get things done or thought about. Obviously, then, we have to prioritize, because there’s no way we can do or think about every possible thing, even in a lifetime. At Authenticity Works, we think that somewhere near the top of people’s list of priorities should be questions like “What kind of person am I?” and “What kind of people are we in this society?” Or as our founder, Jack Pelham, puts it:

“Life is short. Why not be something extraordinary while we’re here?”

It’s our goal to play a part—however modest it may be—in helping to promote authenticity as a sustainable way of life. You can see by glancing at the navigation links above the general areas of interest we’re planning to target with various projects Here they are in a bullet list, with brief descriptions:

  • CIVICS. Understanding the American system and learning to be good citizen-overseers of it.
  • ETHICS. Understanding and embracing fair play in a world where other people live, too.
  • ETIQUETTE. Learning how to interact successfully alongside others in a varied culture.
  • REALITY-BASED THINKING. Learning how to think in a way that deliberately jibes with reality.
  • MUSIC. Keeping touch with the music of past generations, so as not to abandon our heritage.
  • SKITWORKS. Reviving the rich culture of skits for fun, interaction, and personal learning.
  • LIBRARIES. Connecting with the wisdom of the ages by applying modern technology to collections of public-domain writings.
  • GREAT ROOM. This is our classroom/studio space in Billings, MT, where we also provide some local events, such as certain courses for homeschoolers.

The Authenticity Works concept started in 2018 with a modest homeschool chorus program we operated under the corporate name, We, Montana! (See the We, Montana! website here.) In 2021, we changed our corporate name after realizing that we wanted to take some of our mission nationwide in the US, and that our original name was limiting in a geographical sense. The more we realized that the theme of authenticity was running through all our programs, it eventually became obvious that Authenticity Works was the right name for an umbrella under which to put it all.