At Authenticity Works, we think that our society would be a better place if most everybody had a healthy concern for what goes on in the society overall and its government, and if they would invest themselves somewhat in seeing that things go well. If this were going to happen, the people would have to be well-informed about civics, and they would also have to see the value in it. Our hope is to help with both of these needs.

We have many ideas for this, and we’ll announce them in time, but we hope to start with a course that’s currently in development: Introduction to the US Constitution. This course will debut in-person in our Great Room (Billings, MT) in Fall 2021. And if things go according to plans, we’ll also be offering it remotely as early as January 2022 as a live-streamed seminar with a live audience.

We have several other courses in mind, as well as a library project in which we hope to apply some special technology to an online library of source documents related to the United States and its founding.

Check back for more details.