Music is a huge field, but we have just one small project in mind at present: We’d like to help present the heritage of traditional folks songs folk songs that were celebrated in the American culture—some of them original to America, and some having been imported from the nations from which the early American emigrated. As is natural over time, songs from the past tend to fade away in favor of whatever is more current and popular. A lot of America’s history and heritage is tied up in songs from our past, however, and we think that reviving that heritage would really help Americans to keep in touch with our history and, to some degree, with our founding principles.

Our hope, then, is to provide something of a library here for traditional American folk songs, including the patriotic songs that were common in the public schools and the public singalongs just 50 years ago. We’ll explain more as we get ready to launch it. Look for something to start happening here in 2022!

Along these lines, see also our Story, Rhyme, & Song page, which is aimed at promoting singing, poetry, and story for young children.