We’ve run a local skits program since 2019, and we note that it seems to be a dying art. What we aim to do here is simply to provide scripts and videos of the skits we have written and performed in the Great Room.

Scripts coming soon!

Billy Skits

Billy is a good-hearted guy who fancies himself quite the
student of “Science”. You can judge for yourself the scope of his grasp! In time, you’ll see that the titles follow a “birds” theme—starting with Bats (yes, we know!) and Pigeons—with Ducks coming soon! We also have designs in bringing the Billy content into our Reality-Based Thinking course, as they make for quite an interesting case study in rationality!

This was our first recorded skit.

Willie’s Drive Thru Skits

The Willie’s skits are some of our favorites. We’ve even considering using some skits like these for content in an upcoming course, “How to Be An Employee”!

“Are you still there?”
Cadence drives thru just at closing, and who’s on duty? Well, it’s Tyndra.
Tyndra gets the royal treatment at Willie’s!

Lightning Round Skits

So you know, a “Lightning Round” is our name for a series of short skits presented in rapid succession.

Other Skits

A little tongue-in-cheek fun with our first 2-camera video!
This is our stab at John Cleese’ excellent sketch, as found in his recent book: So, Anyway… (Page 310)
The star of the show only thought he was coming up to help us move some stage platforms!